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Fun Fun Fun

Well, she got her daddy's car and she cruised through the hamburger stand now;
Seems she forgot all about the library, like she told her old man now,
And with her radio blastin', goes cruisin' just as fast as she can now,
And she'll have fun, fun, fun, till her daddy take the T-Bird away.

Well, the girls can't stand her `cause she walks, looks, and drives like an ace
She makes the Indy five hundred look like a Roman chariot race now.
A lotta guys try to catch her, but she leads, `em on a wild goose chase now,
And she'll have fun, fun, fun, till her daddy takes the T-Bird away.

Well, she's aching and turns and it looks like she's coming around now
And all a little concern 'cause the town is closed and all dump now.
(Chor: Dump is the town, dump is the town)
Well, they're jumping on earth for some good time getting around now
And you have fun, fun, fun, till her daddy takes her t-bird away

A-well, you knew all along that your dad was gettin' wise to you now,
And since he took your set of keys, you've been thinkin' that your fun is all
through now.

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