Goin' Nowhere

( Rossi / Frost / Macannany )

I'm tired out, my head is aching
I wanna shout, but I feel I'm goin' nowhere
Yeah, I feel I'm goin' nowhere
I've run about in a fit of madness
To work it out in the hope of goin' somewhere
Yeah I hope I'm goin' somewhere

And I know it must be time for me making up my mind
Does it matter if I'm fine? It'll change my tune in time
If I'm really goin' nowhere

I'm better now, I've thought about it
Can't figure out, but I'm looking for it somewhere
All I know is that it's somewhere
It's closer now than I've ever had it
Much closer now, so I must be getting somewhere
Yeah, I hope I'm getting somewhere

'cos you never know, in time with the changing of my mind
I could turn around and say that was just another day
Am I really

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