Get Out Of Denver

Seger - Minder music Ltd.

I still remember, it was autumn and the moon was shining
Our '60 Cadillac was rolling through Nebraska whining
Doing a hundred-twenty, man the fields was bending over
Hauling up for the mountains knowing we was traveling further
All our fires were blazing and the spinning wheels were turning, turning
Had my girl beside me, brother, brother, she was burning, burning

I walked up back to speak to this southern funky school teacher
She had a lot of something heavy but we couldn't reach her
We told her that we needed something that would get us going
She pulled out all she had and laid it on the counter showing
All I had to do was lay my money down and pick it up
The cop came busting in and then we lit out in a pickup truck

Go! Get out of Denver, better go, go
Get out of Denver, better go
Get out of Denver, better go, go
Get out of Denver
'Cos you look just like a commie and you might just be a member
Better get out of Denver, better get out of Denver

Well, red lights were flashing and the sirens they were screaming
We had to pinch each other just to see if we were dreaming
Made it to Lovely Pass in under less than half an hour
Lord, it started drizzling and it turned into a thundershower

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