Backwater / Just Take Me

Parfitt/Lancaster - Valley Music/Shawbury Music

Down at Backwater junction rolling down the line
In the dark early morning I heard the one-forty-nine
I was walking down the highway, needed somewhere to go
A lady laid beside me and she invited me home
She led me cold, tired and hungry down the backwater road

In a house on the corner looking over the track
I woke up with a fever and a pain in my back
She was lying there beside me, my fever started to grow
Had a funny feeling but the lady said no
My lover needs a doctor down the Backwater Road

Whatcha lookin' for, whatcha lookin' for
Lady do you know what cha' lookin' for
Was I wrong to play along?
Lady was I right or lady was I wrong?

Backwater doctor, you've got me breathing in time
It's ten-thirty in the morning and I'm feeling alright
I went back to my lady but I wasn't to know
Lady left this morning and she's not coming home
I was cold when she left me down the Backwater Road

I am just a poor man, got nowhere to go
All my leaves have fallen, left me all alone
If I was a rich man, if I was a king
I would give you all I have, give you everything
If you'd just take me, just take me now
If you'd just take me

Never seen my daddy, died when I was two
Mama did the best she could, taught me all she knew
Said that love was everything, tears came to her eyes
Never knew the meaning, now I realise
Love is all you need, all you need now
If you just take me

I'm trying hard to get you, I'm not the only one
Never had a big car, but I'm not on the run
If love has got a meaning see it in my eyes
If you see the beginning, then you'd realise
Love is all you need, all you need now
If you just take me
Just take me

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