Drifting Away

Parfitt/Lancaster - Shawbury Music/Valley Music

You can't see what you mean to me
I just can't get you out of my head
You move me more than I've ever been
Like a wild supersonic jet
But I can't see your love drifting away
And I don't want your love d-d-d-drifting away

I got told by a friend of mine
That you don't want me anymore
Now my friend's got a broken nose
Sure, and I got a broken jaw
So don't push me around, I'm coming your way
And I don't want your love d-d-d-drifting away

Don't you know what I'm living for?
Don't you know what I'm trying to say?
Don't try to shove me outta that door
'Cos you're mine and it's staying that way
I'm giving you my love, don't throw it away
But I can see your love d-d-d-drifting away
Oh, drifting away, you got me drifting away
Oh, drifting a



дражица, окс ntr.

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