Too Far Gone

Lancaster - Shawbury Music

You've been looking like a low down liquor drinking money grabber
I don't wanna see you looking this way
It's a crime the way you're carrying on
You'll keep it up till you're too far gone

Yeh yeh, yeh yeh

You took off with a no-good double dealing money maker
It's too bad your head was up in the clouds
It's a shame you didn't get what you want
Don't wait forever, it's too far gone

If you wanna play a bad game, you've got to be a good player
It don't matter if you win or you lose
No one cares if you're right of wrong
You only win when you're too far gone

You said goodbye, you'd never listen
You couldn't be wrong
And now it's over it's not so easy
To say it's all gone

You're running wild living out your fantasy life
And ev'rybody knows the game by the look in your eyes

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