I Fought The Law (intro) Тип: табулатура

I Fought The Law
Status Quo
Riffs 2003

I love Quo's version of this. I hate Greenday's. No actually,
I just hate Greenday altogether.

This is the intro:
G C D G *D C B G
E|-333-8--10-3-----------| |-------------------------|
B|-333-8--10-3-----------| |-------------------------|
G|-444-9--11-4-----------|(Whole Band Enters)|-------------------------|
D|-555-10-12-5--7-5-4----| X2 |-555555555555555555555555|
A|-555-10-12-5--5-3-2-5--| |-555555555555555555555555|
E|-333-8--10-3--------3--| |-333333333333333333333333|
Then play from "*"

Hope it helps...

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